Make Meditation Easy🌻

Make Meditation Easy🌻

Mediation is Easy

Ever heard of that traditional way of just crossing your legs and sitting in a Buddha like position, closing your eyes and meditating?


It doesn’t always happen like that. For me, I have tried this position in meditation and I just kind of waited around…. I tried to clear my mind. I noticed a lot of things would happen. I would start thinking about random parts of my life or memories. A lot of things would pop up in my mind while I sat there with my eyes closed, I couldn’t focus.


So I started focusing on one solid thing, My breath. Anytime that I would think of anything else no matter what it was, I would breathe and go back to my breath. But I’m here to tell you this is not the only way to meditate. There are many different ways for meditation. A lot of people over complicate meditation to the point that they never practice…. Or even try it.

I’m here to tell you that meditation can be as easy as just showering. Or breathing. Or focusing on something that keeps your mind busy, or calm. Once you realize that meditation just does not mean just sitting in a position with your eyes closed, you can really open up doors too many different ways of meditating, ways that can fit your life & growth as a person.

In this first blog I will tell you about a simple meditation to practice 5-20 min. How ever long you’d like to try it, you can spare some time for SELF CARE ✨ This has helped me and many others!

Shower Meditation

🚿 Shower meditation is also known as waterfall meditation, mind cleansing and water meditation. It is a practice of using the water as a mechanism to wash away the stress, tension and anxiety within your body. The best reason to try shower meditation is that it does not take any additional time in your day.


I get it, life is busy and it can be hard to take the time for self-care and wellness. But this is actually one of the most important things you can do for yourself and your family. You may not think you have ten minutes to meditate and be mindful in your day, but you probably do take time to have a shower. This is the shower mediation that you need when you are busy and just want a sense of calm. It is a way to take those five minutes that you have in the warm water and make them totally matter.

Turn on the shower, and listen. Hear the sound the water makes. Feel the air around you start to change and warm. You'll feel the steam in the bathroom, and notice every little thing happening around you. Breathe it in, feel the air expand in your lungs and notice the steam hit your skin. Be aware of the moment and let yourself feel grounded and calm as you notice the world around you.

When you step into the shower take a second to feel the water on your skin. Feel the little droplets running down your body and over your skin. Feel each individual particle of water washing down your body and imagine it taking your stress, anger, regret, sadness and negativity with it. Imagine these feelings as dirt on your skin that can run down the drain. Feel the water take everything with it.

Water is absorbent , known to absorb everything it touches!

Envision the water absorbing any of that negative energy or stress that you might feel. And you can envision it and look down as it goes into the drain. This shower meditation is really effective. You can think of anything that you want out of your body just absorbing into those water drops and down the drain!

You can also practice this as you clean your body with soap and envision the water and soap literally cleaning your aura and your energy. Think of any of any things that you are grateful for and just appreciate everything you have. In that moment. Breathe and release. Then when you’re out of the shower you can continue the day.

The more & more you practice meditation, The easier will be to let go of that energy that you no longer need. It’s pretty simple once you let go of the traditional mindset of meditation, you can then have fun with meditation in many different ways! And my next blog I will talk about another way for meditation!

Extra credit: You can put crystals around your bathtub or shower to benefit from their energy as well while you use your bathroom daily! If you have any questions definitely leave comments below. And or message me anytime! I love sharing ideas and thoughts. And also experiences especially when it comes to meditation and our daily lives on earth

✨ Much love & light, Jess 💖


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