Discussing Crystal Properties ✨

Discussing Crystal Properties ✨

 Crystals & Their Natural Energy

Crystals have their own vibrational frequencies. Each stone has a different molecular structure that conveys an energy. So therefore, each stone has their own meaning and beneficial energy towards our bodies and auras. 💕

What draws your energy and attention?

I always start off with: What grabs my attention...what really pulls my energy and makes me focus on it? That’s usually how I pick my stones and collection. Each stone, since they have their own energy, I feel they either vibe with my personal frequency or they just don’t. The ones that do vibe well with my personal energy at that time, I gravitate towards and focus my attention to it. Just as anything in life the more we focus and give attention to something the more connection we build.  ✨

The Most Known Crystal: Amethyst

One of the most well-known crystals in the entire world is amethyst. Amethyst has a beautiful color and natural energy flow through it. And can be found in many parts of this world. The Crystal property of amethyst is unconditional love and support. A lot of people throughout many years and decades have said that this stone has energy of immense unconditional love. This don’t can also be used in many different ways. 🔥

 Each Stone has their own vibrational frequency and meaning 

In life, I feel that the more we connect with anything the better it builds a frequency within us. And since crystals are natural income from our beautiful earth, I feel the connection is very strong with our bodies. As we are as well children of the earth.🌎


This is just an introduction to crystals and the healing properties that they hold. I will be creating more blogs soon of each style of Crystal and meaning as well. Definitely look out for future blogs, feel free to leave any comment below and connect with me at any time. I would love to hear feedback.

 Thank you so much for your time and connecting with me virtually through this blog😍. Much love and light



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