⭐️All About Our Live Crystal Sale Shows⭐️

⭐️All About Our Live Crystal Sale Shows⭐️

I wanted to start my very first blog speaking about passion & my live Crystal sale shows on Facebook. Where you can easily join in & be a part of them on our facebook page: Third Eye Aura.

Weekly Live Crystal Shows🌹

Third Eye Aura Live Crystal Shows

Each Week ON: THURSDAYS Day Time Live 12-2pm Est & Friday Night 7–9:30pm Est 💖💖💖💖

      There is something about just being live on camera with whoever decides to join. It’s a great feeling. The only words to describe it would be very genuine and fun. Something this world needs nowadays, fun and excitement radiating with positive energy. It also really puts me IN the moment, versus thinking about the past and future. Which I tend to find myself spending my time on. I think the most unique experiences are when you can truly live in the moment of the present.

I started these live Facebook shows about three years ago. However, I’ve had my company Third Eye Aura for almost 10 years now. I have been doing the Live fb shows consistently Each week.☺️🙏🏻 I love playing deep house music in the background of my shows, streaming from my Spotify account, a playlist called “Third Eye Aura Live show”.

The experience of being on the camera with anybody that chooses to join in, is pretty amazing. To me it feels like I am just hanging out with a bunch of amazing like minded people. I really pay attention to each comment and give everybody the attention they deserve. And it’s almost like I hear you guys talking to me when you comment. It’s pretty awesome.


The Way My Live Sale Shows Work

1) Setting Up The Show

I will have a spread of numbers on the table 1-5. In the spread I have top and bottom. You can visibly see this when you click the live show. Either on your mobile phone, on a computer or tablet. Either way works. You would just log onto my Facebook page and see that I am live on the dates that I have stated online.

(Usually it has been consistent with thurs & fridays each week)

Then I go through sets of my inventory that I show my crystal items one by one and place them on the numbers. It starts off with top one, two, three, four, five. Then bottom one, two, three, four, five.
In this time as I’m showing off the items, in the comments field, you as a viewer/shopper can comment “SOLD” with the specific number example: “SOLD TOP1”
The sale comments go “first come first serve” on my screen. It may view differently on other peoples devices. So I always have to go with what I see first on my live screen.


2) Comments & Claims

Once I’m done showing off and speaking about each inventory item on the set, I will then read the comments and call out the sold claims and put them in baskets along side me. Keeping everything organized and neat. ☺️ During the time that I am doing this, I scroll up to the top of the very first claim comment of the set. I then read the comments one by one at my own pace. So I always ask everybody that is watching to please be patient. I usually only take 1 to 3 minutes to go through the sold comments. Then I’m off to the next set.

Each set that I show of one through five top and bottom will have usually a main price. Example “all items I will show on this set will be $15 dollars” And so on.

I always try to group up all my sets with a certain price. Sometimes I also just state the price as I lay down the items on the numbers as well. It can go either way and it’s very smooth and easy to follow and claim in the comments.

I don’t have items in the background that are all available. So if you see something you like just call it out even if you don’t know the name you can describe the color and shape of what the item is and I can read the comments and show you at any time. I do as well have rows on sides of my show tables where exclude available items will be displayed as well, so look out for those! 😍
In all honesty, after a few minutes of just watching the live show, you can see how things work, how easy it is to just sit back, and how my customers and friends claim items. It is pretty easy, And fun. relax and shop or just watch and learn about the stones. I go through meetings and metaphysical topics. I also go down to the science on where they’re made and how the crystals are formed in the earth.


3) Contests, Giveaways, & Affirmations

I also do free crystal giveaway items in each show for the people that are live with me and share the live show publicly. In doing so, all you have to do is click the share button in the bottom of the live show and share publicly to your page or to a public group so you can attain a share badge over your name.
Once you share you can comment that you shared the live show and I will write your name down. At the end of the show we do a number raffle to see who wins our giveaway crystals. 🔥☺️👏🏻 each person can pick one number when it is time to do the giveaway! 🙈⭐️ May the odds be in your favor!

Once I have everybody’s claims and I finish up my life show I usually speak at the end of the show and turn the camera to my face and talk about anything that comes to mind. Any positive affirmations and good vibrations that may come through I always seem to enjoy hanging out with anybody that has supported and watched me and each show.

The very next day I will start invoicing all claims of the live show to customers emails they provide me in a message before claiming any items. Customers that are ready have provided me their email once do not need to provide it again. I do ask that all new customers message Third Eye Aura on Facebook with their email before any claims. Once I invoice I do provide a picture on your Facebook messages and I’ll let you know that I have sent your invoice. I do require each invoice to be paid immediately or within 24 hours max. And then I ship once a week 🥰


It’s an amazing experience that I get to share with the world through my phone. Instead of being in 1 million places at once I can be in one place and have anybody join in and hang out with me. I think it’s really fun and exciting to share my passion and high quality Crystals with anybody who is willing to come, shop and hang out! 😼

With all of the said I really do hope that you come and join one of my live shows!
I would love to see you there!

Love & Light💜

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The live shows are so much fun, Jess is amazing, knowledgeable about every Crystal also she gives everyone their attention with lots of love and compassion
Very happy with all purchases
Thank you Jess

Myra Art

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